Friday, April 6, 2012

A random smattering of words . . .

My family and I had a relaxing 24 hours yesterday, a welcome respite from the tumultuous months behind us. This free verse was the resulting love child from it. Be gentle.

Searching sunlight filters through polyester in furious red, 
Americana against ocean blue and cotton white.  
Chickadees wail their love, a symphony with hissing hums of patient wasps. 
Delicious brine sticks to chapped lips, licked raw. 
I savor the taste, chase it with synthetic lemon. 
Contented murmurs sift through my conscious like sand. 
For a moment, I feel at peace. 
Then I remember the malicious grey hanging over 
my vibrant palette, smearing it's perfection, muddied. 
The clouds draw in, blocking my orange sun. 
Forced laughter drowns the fragile quiet.

. . . Yeah.
      I don't usually post my "poetry" on here, (okay, never) but my friend really wanted access to this at all times, and I actually really like this poem for once, so . . . why not?
      I haven't thought of a name for it. Hmmmmm. I think I will call it . . . Oyster.

      Got any ideas? :)

Thursday, March 15, 2012

I'm. So. Sorry.

There are no words for how bad I feel, truly.
        I know you guys are waiting for the next chapter of MGD, (or so my vain mind wishes) and I know you have been waiting for a loooooong time. It's not fair, I know.
        This has been the first time in weeks I've actually felt good enough to haul myself out of my self-imposed work-a-thon and actually sit down at my computer and explain to you all. I've been dreading having to say that I really don't know when the next chapter will be out. I can only say that it will be, because I'm not giving up on my story. It's something that really gives me joy.
        The insomnia has been getting worse. (I've been up now since Sunday. No sleep at all.) I'm to the point of hallucinating now. The text in front of my eyes is coming up blurred.
        I'm tired all the time, and on top of that and my school work, I have actually (somehow) found a job. While that's great, it leaves me even less time to write. So I'm just going to have to figure out how to juggle all the aspects of my life. Which really sucks.
        I thank you all profusely for your continued support and understanding. I promise the next chapter will be out soon. You guys are the best. :)

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Holy cow pies!

I can't even right now!!! 
        I got nominated for the Hidden Stars Award! Wow!!! 
        Since this is the first time in a week since my computer has worked correctly, I'm only now mentioning it.  But I just really wanted to say thanks to who nominated me, (CassandraLowery) and thanks to whomever will vote for me! 
        Now, I'm not here to needlessly beg you to vote for me. But, if you happen to wander over to this link right here . . . and you feel the need to go look into the Best Author category . . . you can find my pen name, NataliaMazaur in there. But that's all I'm saying! :) 
        But really, I want everyone to vote for my beta and my bestest friend here in the fanfiction world, CassandraLowery.  She has been nominated for Best Vamp and Best All Around Story. I can't think of a better person to receive this award, so you better vote for her! 
        All right, I'm off to go touch up on the next chapter of MGD. Love you all! :D

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Computer RAGE.

        Everytime I type out a chapter, my computer completely erases it! When I try to save the newly-typed out chapter on OpenOffice, my whole computer freezes up! I end up having to unplug the whole damn thing and re-boot it, simply because it wanted to be temperamental! UGH!
       And it only freezes when I try to save a chapter on it. If I'm just typing down a quick To-Do list, it will save it without problem! It's only when I type out a pretty good chunk of a chapter that it decides to have a meltdown.
       All right, readers. Will you please tell me if this ever happens to you when using OpenOffice? I really love that program, and it's completely awesome, but my computer refuses to cooperate with it.

        And also, the next chapter will hopefully be out before next month. (I don't know how long it will take to write out that part of the chapter again. And it all came from the top of my head, so I know it won't be as good as the first time.)
        I'm going to go crawl into a corner and sob hysterically now.

Sunday, January 15, 2012


Well, there we have it, folks. The next chapter his been sent off to my lovely beta, CassandraLowery. It should be out sometime tomorrow if all things knit together perfectly. (Fingers crossed.)
        I'm a little worried about how this chapter will be received, to be perfectly honest. I'm not sure if the fans will be offended or horrified. It's a weird feeling. But, above all, (I think) I like this chapter. It's what I always thought would be the turning point in my little fic. It's what I always imagined when I wrote out the preface of the story. It's just been a crazy ride trying to piece it all together. :)
        So, there. The fans can call off the dogs now, -- all things are back to normal. Again, I'm super thankful to the fans for being so patient with me. It means everything. :D
        Be safe,

Sunday, January 8, 2012


        God, guys, I'm so sorry! I just . . . I suck, okay? I have been so busy it should be illegal, and I have not had any time at all to do any writing. The good thing is I have been jotting down little chapters, so if I could just find some time to type it into my computer and publish it, we'd all be a lot happier.
        I know I said I would be posting the next chapter a loooooong time ago, but again, I was busy. But some free time is popping up soon, so the next chapter will be up soon, I promise.
        I love you all so much! Thanks for always being there and dealing with my bulls$%&!  :D

Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Beginning! (Again.)

Well, my lovely little friends, here we are again. Perched percariously on the spot between the death of a year and the birth of another. It leaves you spinning in a swirling sea of awkwardness, joy, surprise, dismay, eagerness, terror, and over-all expectation. Whether you are anticipating 2012 to be the greatest year of your life, or the absolute worst, you are still expecting it to be something.
        Me? I'm just hoping I don't lose my already dubious grasp on my ever-lovin' mind.
        But, really, I do have hopes for this fast-approaching year. Silly things, important things, life-changing things. Too many to count, really.
        But what about you? Surely you have things you're going to strive for in 2012. What could they be?

        I wish you all nothing but great luck with this new year. I wish you happiness, health, and love. Because really, what else do we need?